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you know, having a family can be a hard thing … makes you vulnerable
   i know
      can be a good thing, too
         I   K N O W

that last scene though……

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// Did we all just watch the same episode?//

I saw the Pilot episode for ABC’s Selfie a month-ish(?) ago….and when it aired today I only caught the last couple of mins but things were VERY different… is that just me?

Does anyone else have a link to the episode that aired?

In 'Selfie', John Cho Gets An Unlikely Shot As A Romantic Lead


dude this is pretty significant. an asian american male lead who isn’t cast as the stereotypical nerd? asian representation in media? hooray!

THIS IS IMPORTANT. It’s so rare to see a Asian American on tv that is a lead. Let alone play the romantic lead. REPRESENT! And it being John Cho is just icing on the cake. :D

too cute together.

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make like Elsa and let it go. 

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this pretty much goes for everything in my life…

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She’s so done with him.

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Best of 2x01Undercover

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// Katrina is a powerful witch….//

Writers… I’m slightly disappointed by the fact that Katrina is such a lame character. She’s a fuck’n witch and all you have her do is sit around, being captured… I’m sure she could do a damn spell or recite some sheit. That twilight girl has more powers than Katrina… and that’s fuck’n insane. Either make her awesome as hell or cut her off.
And Katia Winter seems like a genuinely wonderful woman but she needs more material than this. /endrant

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